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Hair Care

Laser hair removal

Using Laser by Overloading hair is one of the most embarrassing problems for many women and men. Despite the use of ancient traditional methods such as wax, razor or hair removal products, they are all temporary means that do not last long. Hair is quickly regrowed and needs to be repeated regularly to obtain satisfactory results and You will feel free in your apperance with Laser

Treatment of hair loss

Many people are looking for treatment of hair loss after the problem of hair loss is a common problem facing a large proportion of women and men alike and the injection is one of the means that entered the world of care and beauty strongly and was almost fascinated by its effectiveness and ease of implementation and the beauty of their results, Complex surgery with an almost similar result

Child hair care

Taking care of children hair is fun and exciting at the same time, and you need to look for healthy and natural products so as not to hurt their hair in the long run. Taking care of children hair is a little time and effort, but it is a worthy effort, because children are our big responsibility and our huge project. It is good to collect the fruits of what we spent time and effort

Mesotherapy for hair

The hair follicles are injected with the vitamins needed for the hair to grow and stop falling, to give it vitality and luster, and to supply hair follicles with the enzymes it needs in sufficient quantities to strengthen the strength of the follicles and stimulate blood circulation in the scalp. Also, the treatment of mesotherapy can change the nature of hair after long use, Its effect appears from the second injection where hair growth is observed in empty places

Plasma injection of hair

Plasma injection is one of the most modern methods used to treat baldness and various hair problems. Plasma injection processes have been very successful in recent times, not only for hair but also for skin. Plasma injection also treats hair loss, low head hair density and resistance to genetic baldness resulting from increased male hormones. They immediately treat hair loss, hair loss and hair loss as a result of alopecia

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